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When you're too busy to tick things off your to-do list.

Sometimes you just need someone to help you get that thing off your to-do list so you can move on with your life.



Let's get you on to the next thing that you want to achieve.

Documentation, Formatting and Design

Need help updating your CV, website, or formatting that proposal, PowerPoint or Word document? Or would you like to send out professional written and looking communications to clients, customers, and suppliers? My background in communications, marketing and graphic design can get that piece of work ticked off your to-do list so you can concentrate on other things.

Processes and Procedures

Frustrated with not knowing how to use something? Training, creating manuals and processes is my specialty when it comes to helping you get the most out of your tools. I will look at your workflows and the way your business needs to operate. I have knowledge of software and tools that you can implement to manage these more effectively and help you through the process of transferring your processes to an online solution. 

Professional Organising

Wondering how you can make the most of your work space? My creative eye will help you maximise your space and equipment to reduce clutter and boost productivity. I can also help to give you more work/life balance by coaching you on your schedule and how to organise your emails to be more productive. Looking for a new employee? Leave the job description, advert and interview preparation to me.


Can't find that hard to find 'thing'? Need to get that gift sorted that you know you'll run out of time to find? I specialise in sourcing – whether it be finding equipment or materials, researching the best price or organising corporate or birthday gifts for that special someone... I can usually find it, gift wrap it or personalise it! Contact me and  tell me what you might be looking for and I'll source some options for you.


When Geena launched Ticked Off, I thought about the possibility of getting my really important tasks done that keep falling to the bottom of the priority list as I'm busy working in my business and never on my business; I got really excited. So far, in the first month, we've managed to get our new signage designed and put up at our new office, new onboarding and sales collateral and even improved and streamlined some of our processes. She's managed to help solve problems I've put in the too-hard basket with a clear plan of actionable attack, which has kept me accountable and got it done. We couldn't be more thrilled. Ticked off really does do everything it says on the box! We look forward to continuing with Geena on an ongoing basis. She's every small business owner's dream!

Rowena Allsop
Sales and Marketing Director, Words For Breakfast


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Ticking things off your to-do list for you.

My clients are executives, small business owners, artists, creatives and working mums and dads who are extremely organised and talented. They are busy people that need a helping hand to get things done in a pinch and don’t want to go through the hassle of hiring and training new employees to get a job completed quickly.

I love the varied work I do, and love working with niche businesses and interesting people:


  • I work where the most need is – I charge an hourly rate and can provide a flexible solution to work where and when the most need is.

  • Because I am a varied specialist, I can apply these specialties as the work dictates. This means that you get the benefit of wider variety of skillsets without having to have the need for multiple freelancers/agencies or hire additional resource. Learn more about my background on LinkedIn.

  • My ethos is to understand as much as I can about you and your business and set you up for success. I know I’ve done a great job if I have put myself out of a job with you by getting the things you need done!

I understand that it's easy to not find the right time to focus your energy on getting certain areas of your business or life sorted. I believe my perspective can help you understand an improved way of doing things that will build a foundation for your future business growth and life balance.


If you're a busy person that needs a helping hand to set priorities and put systems in place to support a simpler life, leave that item on your to-do list for me to get it ticked off!

Geena Kumar

Ticked Off

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Let’s Work Together

Geena Kumar

Auckland, New Zealand


Telephone: 021 128 2650

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